Friday, January 28, 2011

Sitting on a tower at sunset.

Most of you may not know my dad, but he is the epitamy of a people-person. I have never met an individual that doesn't think he is awesome. Besides his neverending collection of corny jokes, killer drum skills, and pretty much being the best at what he does, I've always seen my father as a the best kind of photographer. The kind that simply loves capturing what he considers to be beautiful. You will rarely ever see my dad in photographs simply because he's constantly taking them. His love for Creation is evident in the crazy amount of photos he takes of the smallest things. Things most people wouldn't even notice. And I sure do love that about him.

He sent me these photos he took of the Pelican Island National Wildlife Reserve at sunset:

I'd say they're pretty remarkable. I mean, it's hard to mess up a beautiful sunset like that, but it's waaaaaaaaaaay harder to find a dad as cool as mine.

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