Friday, February 11, 2011

The Man

In case you were wondering, today is Austin William Enriquez' birthday.

Things I dig about this dude:

Hands down, he's the coolest and sweetest person I know.
He's a stellar runner that just finished his last collegiate cross country season and still holds 2 state records in GA for kickin' it back in high school.
He's a fantastic brother to Justin, Warren, and Diana and loves his family more than the average human being.
He is the only person that can pull off crazy, just-woke-up hair all day, every day. Beanies cover a multitude of sins.
He likes dancing to funky, soul, electric music and has some seriously sweet dance moves.
He owns more clothes than I do and probably wears the same four things religiously.
He also has an deep love for his pup, Apollo, that borders on unhealthy.
But I feel the same way about my dog, so it's overlooked.
Two words: Video. Games.
He experiences food like no other individual I know. I'm pretty sure that when he takes a bite of something he thinks is absolutely delicious, his brain shuts down completely and cannot process any outside information whatsoever. Legit food coma.
He wears dress socks with everything cause he likes the way they feel.
Most people will tell you he is the nicest, most caring guy they know and I agree 100%.
He's super easy to laugh, which helps because I'm not that funny.
And I constantly rely on his goofiness to keep me sane and get me through terrible, horrible days at work.

I mean, feel free to ask around, I'm a pretty lucky gal to have him in my life. I hope today is an awesome day for you, Bee. To the moon and back.

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  1. PUPPPPYYYYYY!!! HYAHHHH!!! hahaha