Sunday, January 17, 2010


i think handwriting is a lost form of communication, so i was hesitant to start this electronic journal. there's something to be said about using ink and paper to exchange thoughts and feelings with another individual. i should do it more often, i hope.
but as my journaling time has dwindled down to nothing these days, i realized this would be a much more effective way for me to keep up with my daily comings and goings.
as many other people would empathize, most days my life is not what i would have it be. and i think that's funny. maybe instead of the teachers in high school saying,
"kids, you can do anything, be anything, and nothing will stand in your way!"
they should be more blunt.
"hey, you're going to have a great time in college, make great friends, and get a decent degree. but then after college you'll have debt, struggle finding a job, get lost in your head, be confused mostly and always feel distant from the ones you care about and love."
this reality is slowly settling in for me. thank the lord for the people i have in my life now; they get me through every day with a sense of hope and encouragement.
i tend to believe that if i can tidy the things around me it will somehow magically organize the contents of my brain.
so, here is to hoping these posts will allow my head to be nice and neat, without me having to clean my room.

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  1. Whitney love, I think our heads have been very much in the same place this year. I feel your pain...I've been struggling with the same things. Wish you were cloese enough to grab a cup of coffee with and talk about how life is confusing as all get out. Love you...