Monday, January 18, 2010


i have never been one to make resolutions come the new year, if only to protect myself from the guilt that follows breaking them. this year felt different though. there was such a distinct imbalance in my world i knew something had to be done. if one area of my life weighed heavier than another, i was a wreck. i was continually neglecting myself and inadvertently it effected the people in my life.
so. i want to state the goals i created for myself this year. and with the help of a book my mom gave me called life balance solutions (quite appropriate), pure accountability and stick-to-it-ivness, i plan on reaching them. side note: i do love a good list.

1. set aside time in every day to read, stretch and/or exercise.
2. find and attend a church (if on the road, watch mcc presentation).
3. ride my bike as much as possible.
4. end complaining about anything (specifically job and school).
5. don't take work home with me. devote my personal and social time to myself and my friends.
6. see every patient i treat as christ would - someone in need of sincere care.

i know it has only been about a week back into my job, but i must say i am doing better than i anticipated. i have biked everyday to and from work (with the expectation of rainy ones). i exercised everyday last week. i have had to physically stop myself from making negative comments, but i have nonetheless. and when i am at home relaxing, i am at home relaxing. god is revealing my patients to me everyday. he is removing bias and resentment.
it's just now i see my spiritual life has taken quite a beating. my savior feels like a wonderful, distant friend i keep forgetting to call back.
shame on me.
i still have much to work on.

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