Saturday, February 6, 2010

back then and back again.

this post may seem long, but it was completely necessary. not only has it taken up a good hour of my work time, but i needed to relive this trip. it was amazing. since i'm at work though i wasn't able to use any of my actual photos. ptl for google images. i wish all of you could have come on this trip with me. ladies and gentleman, i present to you, my summer of '05.

the first memories i have of oban are these green covered rock walls that ran along both sides of our tour bus. they led us to this quaint fishing town where we stopped for a stretch and fresh air. walking around a park close by the bus, i found a random, black cardigan hanging on a small tree branch. i picked it up and asked the locals standing close by if it was theirs. after three or four no's, i decided i was keeping it. i wore it religiously for the rest of the trip. i have it still and wear it as often as i can.
we moved down scotland into england and ended our trip with a four day stay in london. over three and a half weeks i visited four, breathtaking cathedrals

modern and historical museum

discovered wagamama noddles

the most delicious sandwich shop and a bench that quiets your soul

castles that once held kings, saw a broadway show and climbed a mountain called the arthur's seat.

i watched a drunken rugby team walk on their hands and knees out of a pub, while singing scotland's anthem. and i saw a scottish fisherman with a beard, a torn beanie, and a wool cable knit sweater unload lobster from his fishing boat (irish spring commercial). i rode the tube to the rose street market in london and saw things i didn't know existed. it was all fantastic. everyday was a new opportunity to learn and absorb as much as possible.
despite the fact i was there with 30 some people, walking alone was my favorite. our last night in london, i remember grabbing my ipod and slowly strolling down our hotel's street. i felt perfectly lonely... just taking it all in, smiling to strangers and having absolutely no idea where i was going...

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