Thursday, February 4, 2010

a little bit of nothing, really.

the amount of optimism and resilience i must conjure up to complete a full day at work is becoming, well, ridiculous. case and point: i asked my boss why i alone was being made to do the job of about 3 people one morning (the specific job is of little importance). he pointed his finger at my face and said, "tough titty." to which i slurred a giggle and responded, "uh... riiiiiiiiight." i am even smiling now as i reflect on the experience. it's all ridiculous... i... just... yeah... i don't know.

so, to dampen the small furnace is that grows within my chest, i want to make list. i love lists. they foster that wonderful, controlling, o.c.d. part of me. currently:

1) i can't stop painting my nails. i want every color imaginable and then some. i want every nail to be a different color and i don't care if that makes you think i'm 5. side note: these nails blow my mind. loves.

2) the ebb and flow of motivation in my life is making me sea sick. one day i'm hell bent, the next i come home from work, turn on the t.v. and don't leave my couch til bed time.

3) i swear, one day i will live in a big city and fall asleep to the hustle and bustle.
4) i heart bat for lashes. if you don't know about her, find out.
5) my parents gifted me with this great bag ( it is perfect for my biking crazy/fashion conscious self.
6) mango salsa... not as good as it sounds.
7) i love all celebrity news/gossip. i know it's trashy, fake, and superficial. i. do. not. care.

back to "work" (aka building a kick-a resume so i can bust this joint).

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