Saturday, February 20, 2010

we never say the words, but our eyes always do.

if only you blog readers knew how hard of a time i have choosing what to write on this thing. so many thoughts are whirling around and for me to just plop down and pick one to write about is, well, a difficulty to say the least.
today it's this:
although i do not believe love is all you need, it is most definitely the thing your heart longs for the most. the details of a relationship may not always come together smoothly and one day may be worse than the other. but when it comes down to it, giving and receiving love can mask a multitude of sins.
i'm not saying this is OK or that it's good. i'm just stating what i know. day after day i am surrounded by people i don't love and that don't love me. and all it takes is looking up to see the one person i love the most standing in front of me for me to forget about all the others. and i'm so thankful for that.

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