Friday, February 26, 2010

you don't need a match to make something burn.

so, it's official. if i don't receive a full time position here at UWA, this will be my last semester here. i'm not able to work here this summer, so i'm beginning to sort through my options. sidenote: i recently got a job as a physical therapist technician with a physical therapy branch here in livingston. they pay $10/hour and it's only on tuesdays and thursday. this is great for a few reasons... a) it means moe money, moe money, moe money. b) it networks me with their main clinic in tuscaloosa aka possible future jobs.
and here are my options so far for after this spring.

1) obviously, find a brand spankin' new job, move there, and start workin.
2) take a job in t-town at the pt clinic and possibly go back to school to become a physical therapists assistant (the thought of more school makes me throw up a little in my mouth).
3) move home, look for jobs, and move accordingly.
4) stay here this summer working at a technician until further notice.

... i mean, the possibilities aren't endless, but there are quite a few of them.

on a different more interesting note, my brother is turning 21 this weekend. not many people realize how much we are the same person. i love him to death. he's the man and i couldn't be happier to be his sister. this kid is amazing. he loves life and makes everyone around him laugh 'til they pee their pants.
happy 21st, cameron hade smith! you rock.

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