Friday, July 30, 2010

so major.

i'm surviving in a different world then i was the last time i wrote on here. i think i may have been headed home for a much needed respite from a job i thought was draining the life out of me. and it was, in some ways. i look back and realize it was only a preparation for the work i do now. my life was by no means simpler. just less involved. less pulled. less pushed.

i now find myself standing in front of 60 some-odd students three times a week, making attempts with my mouth to fill their ears with what i think is vital, professional information. they listen. they don't answer my rhetorical questions. their eyes stay half-mast and their heads nod. i don't feel discouraged though. i know, it's early. eight am for a freshman is, like, zomg. totally ridiculous.

i hope more of what they learn from me is in my professional and personal character. these days God has re-impressed upon my heart and mind the extreme importance of integrity. let me tell you, humble pie doesn't taste too great. and that taste is meant to linger.

among other changes, i now live in a great house with great roommates in a great room i can actually breath in. this has made all the difference.

lastly, things my job makes me miss.
1) time with austin. it's ridiculous how little we see each other these days. ri.dic.u.lous.
2) reading. it's boiled down to flipping through 'zines on my lunch break. deprived.
3) communication. i goes days without actually talking to my friends and family now. this physically hurts.
4) working out. at the end of a 7am-7pm day, getting on the treadmill takes serious will power. yikes.
5) creative outlets. i want to do so many things... and... just... can't.

"there are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm." - willa cather

so major.

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