Friday, April 23, 2010

real simple.

i'm reading the "speed cleaning" may '10 issue of real simple. it gives me all these fantastic tips and tricks for efficient, effective cleaning, which we know is my all-time favorite thing to do when stressed. i love this 'zine to death. if i could, i would sit at my mailbox, waiting for its arrival every month. there's a particular heading on this month's cover that reads, "problem-solving solutions from $5."

huh... if only.

i have been keeping relatively quiet about this next phase in my life for fear of failure... or disappointment, i guess. this spring marks my last semester as a graduate student. i did finish my masters in decemeber, but decided to stick around to complete a second degree. that didn't happen. i have basically been itching to get out of here since feburary. but then about a month ago, two of the current assistant athletic trainers i work for decided they weren't returning in the fall. this left a pretty big gap in our education program and i was asked to apply for one of the positions by our program director. what an honor, right? it didn't quite feel like it at the moment. i was immediately torn between doing what i had dreamed (moving to a big city or closer to home) or taking a job on a silver platter and making one of the easiest transitions of my life. ideal, really.
needless to say, i submitted my application a week ago and will hear back from them in a week. at the same token, i have had two phone interviews for jobs in birmingham. i don't like limbo.

things will pan out. they always do. i will have a job. i will be exactly where god wants me. and if i am where he wants me then i will be happy. in the meantime, i just check and i have money in my account for about 4 problem-solving solutions. think that's enough?

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