Thursday, September 16, 2010

we used to wait.

not only is the title of this post also the title of a fantastic song on the new arcade fire album that i will continue to play until i'm literally sick of it, but it more or less reminds me of distinct points in my life...

(sidenote: i need you to go to and click on the link called thewildernessdowntown. punch in your home address and watch the magic happen.)

i caught myself looking around the other day and really realizing how far i had come, what i had accomplished, who i have grown to be, and how much i have left to discover. i did wait. a lot. i waited for so many things in high school, college, and grad school. and now i can honestly say, the waiting has not been in vain.

what's nice about the phrase "we used to wait" is the "used to" part. as in, not any more. and i've found that it's nice to have the people you love tell you they're pround of you. but it's something else entirely when you can say you're proud of yourself.

here's to that.

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