Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm working. I promise.

Unfortunately, my profession does not allow me the liberty to dress as I please. Your average Athletic Trainer can be seen wearing a polo, khakis, tennis shoes and, if they're feeling particullary awesome, a fanny pack. Even the thought of it makes me cringe. I make concerted efforts to keep some sense of style within the limits I'm given.
So, today, I decided to virtually dress myself. I acutally tried to pick items I own in an effort to make it more satisfying. The jacket, boots, rings, scarf and earrings are pretty close. The Marc Jacobs bag and Top Shop cream dress, I do not own. And I'm not really big on tights, but it's flippin' freezing outside today.


  1. Whit! I love your virtual outfit. If you ever decide to give up the fanny pack, you could easily have a career in fashion. More importantly, come to Ohio and dress me up!

  2. Huge compliment, Emerald. Sometimes I dream about doing just that!