Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Aunt Vivian

So, I was without a mode of transportation for about three weeks. I usually prefer walking/biking, but the weather has been stubborn lately and I found myself re-learning that it's OK to ask others for help sometimes (even when it's the thing you like doing the least).
And besides having to dump half my savings into fixing this olive green beauty, I'm beyond happy to finally have my Aunt Viv back. There's just too many soccer practices/dance recitals and too little time, ya know?
Below: A more youthful and less dented version of her particular model and make.
In case you were wondering, she smells like Coconut Bay inside, is holding my grandmother's vintage Singer sewing machine I tried to fix (without success), a tennis racket, a huge box of old magazines I've been meaning to recycle for the past year, probs like 5 empty coffee mugs, and 3 bags of clothes that need to find their way to the Goodwill asap. Oh, yeah, and she can hold up to 7 drinks at once, which is why we also lovingly call her the Party Van.
Welcome back, Vivie. Let's do this.


  1. ha. My favorite part is Viv's contents.

  2. tell her i said hey! -bro