Monday, February 7, 2011

More boots, please!

Alright, guys. If there's one thing I've noticed about this winter it's that people are obsessed with boots. Ob-sessed. And rightfully so. They're awesome. But here's the problem: they all look the same!!! Tall, furry, and tucked into jeans/tights. I must have seen at least 10 girls wearing the same version of each other's outfits in Tuscaloosa on Friday. Yawn.

I'm convinced there should always be something unique about the items you spend your hard earned money on. Whether it be a funky design that goes with nothing or something simple that goes with everything, please let me encourage you to put some legit thought into the things you wear. Chances are so and so around the corner already has a pair of UGG boots. Shocker! Try again.

I purchased these beauties in FL on my Thanksgiving break (with much encouragement from my family) and have literally worn the heel half way down already. Anyone know a good cobbler?

Steve Madden "Troopa"

I actually caught a glimpse of these puppies in September and couldn't get them out of my brain. So, I waited and waited and waited. The price got knocked in half after X-mas and they were mine as of Friday evening. They have a bit of a biker feel I never thought I'd dig as much as I do.

Nine West, Vintage America Collection "Maeble"

The rest of these I just contemplate living off of saltines and peanut butter for a month in hopes of owning one day.

Steve Madden "Werner" // The zipper up the front screams easy to style, easy to wear.

Steven Madden "Roady" // Just look at that red zipper up the back. Yum...

Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy Suede Wedge Boot // I've been wedge-crazy lately and these are hittin' the spot.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Canvas Ankle Boot // Pointy toes scare me, but the blue stripe can easily be worn in the spring with a dress.

Need Supply Co. Rusty Fold Over Boot // The color is different but still neutral. And in my book the more buckles the merrier.

Jeffery Campbell "Slashed" // I've decided these can only be worn with a pair of killer socks.

Andrea Brown Suede Fold Over Lace-up // Unfortunately, I couldn't find a larger photo to match the massive amount of love I have for these boots. Lumber-jack chic to the max.

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