Sunday, April 24, 2011


The past weeks have taken me by storm. I've worked quite hard recently and this weekend as provided me with all the sleeping in, outdoor adventures, and time with my boo that I can enjoy. The only things missing: the beach, my family, and an endless supply of money for shopping and dining out.

A few things that have gotten me through the past weeks.

Marshmallow Eggs: They're perfectly bit sized, melt in your mouth, and are only $1 for a carton. The only down side is they only show up around Easter. Oh, don't you worry. I've stocked up.

Henri Bendel Vanilla Bean candle: I usually hate that "vanilla bean" smell, but this candle is like no other. I found it on sale at B&B Works and bought four without hesitation. Its intoxicating scent puts me right at ease.

Dunkin Donuts coffee: Don't get me wrong, I kill for a good Starbucks brew every so often. But when it comes to consistently great coffee (at a much more reasonable price), I'm a DD girl all the way.

Chakra #6 & Ralph Lauren Hot: These are the only perfumes I own and I'm sometimes under the impression that I like the way they smell more than the general population. A few sprays and I feel pretty and balanced.

Outside: I basically work inside a box with a door and no windows. Since it has warmed up, I've gotten into the habit of working with the door propped open. It helps those annoying days I find myself glued to my desk.

Lastly, my bed: I bought a memory foam mattress about 6 months ago. It. Has. Changed. My. Life. Coupled with my collection of feathered pillows and 500 count sheets, I could accurately say it is the only thing that could prevent me from being a productive human being.

So, here I shall sit, on my fantastic bed, wasting away the wonderful hours of this day, staring outside my bedroom window, eating marshmallow eggs, drinking coffee, and dreaming about some other day when I get to this all over again.

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