Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ugh. double ugh.

ok. so being that one of my new years goals was to eliminate negative comments from my daily conversation, i need those who are reading this to know i am writing it for pure awareness sake. there are no negative undercurrents. promise.
anyone that knows me (like, really knows me) would most likely have a hard time believing my working/living environment. on the outside, livingston, al, appears to be a quiet, one light town with a quaint bakery and town square.
BUT. do not be deceived my dear friends. it is the antithesis of everything i am, in most every way. i am sitting here at my desk typing and realizing the incredible difference between where i am now and where i was two years ago. it is mind boggling. on any given day, one or more of these things will happen.

1. someone will bring in a picture of an animal they have killed and show it off to every single person in the treatment room. today it was a bobcat and a hog. they were planning on eating the bobcat for dinner tonight. srsly.
2. i will have to listen to waylan jennings/garth brooks/green day/crazy gospel music for hours on end.
3. my boss of a year and a half will offer me meat, knowing i'm a veggie, and laugh like it is the first time he has made that joke.
4. i will get made of for at least one article of clothing i am wearing. this includes socks.
5. i treat an injury that occurred while the person was drunk, out muddin', cow tipping or all three simultaneously.
6. i get asked to check the plumbing on a leaky sink. because that's what i'm licensed and certified to do.
7. as i'm biking home, i will literally see people throwing empty chip bags/gatorade bottles/uneaten food out their car windows. note: it takes everything in me not to bike like a demon, catch up to them, force them to pull over, severely scold them, and force them to properly dispose of their trash.

like... WHERE AM I?!!!


  1. oh whitney!
    i have to comment because, a. i can hear you saying all these things and b. they are so ridiculous (i lol'ed)!

  2. I love you simply for the fact that you get made fun of the clothes you wear too. These Southern states