Sunday, January 31, 2010

crazy heart.

this week has been a sort of liberation. multiple times i caught myself basking in the freedom of no. more. school. i never expected to even feel this way, but not having academic responsibility has allowed me to focus and enjoy my job again. nothing has changed at my office. my bosses are still inconsiderate and demanding, yet i find myself almost happy to do their biddings. well, maybe not happy but definitely not as annoyed.
and this leads me to last night. for the first time in a genuinely long, long time (like, since i lived in brown ave with the loves of my life) i had a fantastic time. my boo and i went on a sushi date and then met up with some friends after. there were only about 8 of us all together (i was the only girl) but i have found that the best times are in small numbers. yes, there was a bit of drinking involved, but it was only a glass or two of wine for me. we watched superbad, which i had no interest in watching at the time. i proceeded to laugh my pants off. i have no idea why our conversations were so funny, but there is no need know. we danced around and goofed off until austin remembered he had a 14 mile run this morning at 10am. so we called it quits a little early.
i digress. the freedom i have felt by detaching myself from this place has my mind wandering to all sorts of places... an internship in vail, co... a teaching job in fl... working at a p.t. clinic in atl... the list goes on. i get these job posting updates everyday from the n.a.t.a. career center website. it's like each one has a different path i imagine myself walking down. i get excited just thinking about them all.
so today is a new day. one that will be used for cleaning, rearranging, budgeting, and relaxing. all my favorite things to do. i hope this message finds each one of you blog-readers thrilled to be alive and living to your utmost potential. i love you deeply.

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