Sunday, March 14, 2010

let it rain on me; let it rain. that's how all things grow; that's how.

last week was seven days of gray clouds, deep puddles, and constant rain. this was particularly frustrating for me for a few reasons:
1) my car door is broken and doesn't close = wet drivers seat, always.
2) 50% of my job requires me to be outside, watching football = my version of hell.
3) i don't own a pair of rain boots and pretty much only wear moccasins/chucks/toms = constantly wet/cold feet.
needless to say, i was not in a blogging mood.
BUT, TODAY! now that's a different story. no work, sleeping in, movie watching, and eating the fruits of my labor from yesterday's baking adventures (zucchini quiche/banana bread). austin and i are headed out for a long walk to enjoy the great weather.
there are probably way more informative/emotional/interesting things i could share with you today (i'm considering a double blog today), but for now.... IT'S SPRING!

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