Friday, April 9, 2010

the september issue.

the title of my blog is the inspiration for this entry. "the september issue" is a documentary of anna wintour "the ice woman", editor-in-chief of vogue, and the months of work needed to complete the infamous september issue of vogue magazine. i stumbled upon this little number on netflix when trying to find ways to use up my 2 hours of free online movies. needless to say, i hit the jackpot with this one. if you love fashion, like real, genuine design, editorial work, and photography you are going to love it as much as i did.

watching this film got me thinking about powerful women that own their jobs, make their own paths, and kick ass at what they do. these are them:

1. as mentioned above, ms. anna wintour (sidenote: meryl streep's character in "devil wears prada" is literally based off this women). this women single handedly runs the entire fashion industry. designers create what she says, magazines run what she says, and people wear what she says they should wear. awesome.

2. kelly cutrone = bad-ass PR tycoon, owner of People's Revolution, star of bravo's "kell on earth." sassy to the max. sometimes when i watch "kell on earth," i'll imagine i am as demanding, blunt, and kill throat as she is. god, i love it. (ps. she has a book out called "if you have to cry, go outside." it's on my things to read list.

3. joanna newsome. yes, an unlikely choice but the girl does something not many artists can do and get away with... and she does it so well. her newest music is lengthy but so easy to listen to an enjoy. and not only is her music to die for, the girl knows her clothes and wears them with individuality.

5. amy hemple. this woman is, by far, my favorite author. she is a minimalist, short story author that i was introduced to in college and fell in love with. i read her stories 2, 3, 10 times over and each time is better than before. she teaches creative writing at harvard. now, someone tell that isn't rock n' roll. what i would give to sit in one of her classes for a day. gursh.

5. freakin' joan jett. i recently was feeling a little angst and bought a $10 best of joan jett and the blackhearts album. best purchase ever. i cook, run, shower, clean, and jam out to her raspy, smoker voice and easy guitar chords. the girl basically paved the way for women rockers as a teenager with the runaways. she also sports full body leather jumpsuits. ya gotta give her props for that.

although, i may not want to be like any one of these ladies, i really do admire the unique talents they have and interesting things they represent. one day i hope to become a woman that makes a mark as distinct as some of these women have.

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