Friday, April 9, 2010

feb 11, 2010

i am beginning to think i am generally misunderstood by people.
maybe i am not making myself clear or maybe my interests are just confusing to some people. it is not a matter of me being paranoid about it, but rather a feeling of frustration when i say something that makes complete sense to me and makes others wrinkle their forehead.

i never really felt this way in cleveland. i was surrounded by my friends that has the same taste in most everything. we all loved similar things and never judged anyone for like something different. i miss those wonderful people. (DINNER FOR 6!!)

this brings me to my point:
today, one of the most amazing fashion designers in history committed suicide in his apartment. i remember looking through some fashion magazine years ago and seeing his weirdo, wonderful, winter line with masked faces, animalistic textiles and outrageously unrealistic designs. i used to plaster my walls with his creations and watch every runway show via my laptop each season. for some reason, his creations connected with his strange side of me that i would never be able to express (for lack of sheer talent). Alexander McQueen was a genius. that's all i can really say. i honestly think his creative talent ran much deeper than just fashion. i read his death announcement this morning and was genuinely shocked. i'm still in disbelief. of course, my coworkers inquired about my sudden gasp reaction. i told them and they giggled. i miss my clevelanders. i will miss McQueen. he made strange things beautiful.

watch this and i think you'll understand:

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